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Summary: Beautiful, but cold as ice


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Gender: Female

Age: Looks 31, but is a lot older

Group: Nobles of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





Queen of Dalen



Physical Appearance

She has fiery red hair, is usually dressed in dark colours and can be seen wearing both dresses and more masculine clothes as trousers. Though she only wears her crown at special occasions it can easily be seen who’s the boss around here.

Personality and interests

She can be extremely determined and stubborn if there is something she wants and will never give in. If she is bored with something like a conversation, she isn’t shy to show it.
She isn’t the type of ruler that just hides in her castle, but she spends a lot of time patrolling her kingdom.
She is very direct and informal, but if she isn’t treated with the respect that she deserves then she becomes furious and will punish the offender in any way it suits her.


She became queen at a very early age, when her father was killed in a battle against Asgurt.

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Image of Thalia
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