Thalia looked with cold eyes at the goldenarmoured man "Thank you for the warning, but I don't need any advise from the likes of you.". She knew who he where but that surely wasn't enough to make her back down. These last two years where she had been 'dead' she had had plenty of time to plan how she were going to make things right (by her standards) in the kingdom and perhaps even beyond.

"Okay. I've had enough of this." Archer said. "Lady Thalia, please return to the carriage." he said. "And you, piss off." he waved his head at the gold armoured freak, like he was shooing a cat. "I do not have time for this." his response with out emotion. "Take your tacky preaching some where else."

As far as she was concerned this conversation was done and she didn't need any further interruptions on her way back to the throne. Though she didn't like being ordered around she let Archer help her back into the carriage, but only because it was him and that she were eager to get back to the castle.

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