Be nice

---- Viebeck, evening, 2 YSTR ----

Johanna poured the dwarf another pint of ale when she heard him asking "That man, over there. Who be that boy?". Even before he pointed toward Artem she knew exactly who he were referring to.

She deffintly weren't going to tell anything about Artem to some random stranger, let alone someone who he had almost had a fight with.
"I ask only to apologize" the dwarf then added. He seemed sincere, though she couldn't be sure. Then she recived the generous payment and this was what helped change her mind. She casually glanced back at Artem shortly before refocusing on the dwarf "His name is Artem. He drops by from time to time. He id somewhat of a regular at this place". She deffintly weren't going to let the dwarf know about her personal relations to him, but a little general info couldn't hurt anyone. Discreetly and almost unnoticeable she leaned an bit closer as she picked up her payment "And if you want to apologise to him, then I think you've chosen the perfect moment. He might be a bit short tempered at times, but when he's had a beer or two he gets quite manageable".

Just as she was about to leave she paused "Oh, but if you do happen to whip up a fight with him again I'll personally throw the both of you out of this establishment, okay?". She said it with a smile and a wink though she was dead serious about it. Then she headed off to continue her work, but knowing she might need to keep an eye on those two guys.

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