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Summary: *sigh* I really don't want to hit ya, my friend

Tolkyn Grimr

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Gender: Male

Age: 133

Group: Mercenaries

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Considered by many to be a mercenary

Weapons Master, part of a loose affiliation of other masters of the martial arts




Skilled in negotiations

Master of the twin-sword style and two weapon fighting

Great skill in other weapons

Skilled locksmith from his younger years

Possesses some magical knowledge and battle magic


The Twin Sword (Weapons Master affiliation)

Physical Appearance

Normal height for a dwarf
Neatly trimmed beard and mustache styled into a fu manchu
Usually well cleaned
Never seen without Fire and Ice

Personality and interests

A cheerful dwarf who often is found just as easily in the fields fighting armies as he is by the hearth of an inn with a story to tell and an ale to drink. Tolkyn never truly wants to fight, often preferring the less bloody method. His swords are quick to unsheathe if pushed; his method of fighting is quick, calculated, and often finishing with few blows.

Jovial, he often entertains younger people of races. He enjoys a good tale and loves his Longbottom leaf, often puffing near the hearth or in the shadows of the corners.


Tolkyn was born in YBTR -131 within the dwarven settlement of Hefhilgen. Raised within the care of Clan Grimr, he was fourth born of the Grimr household. Though just as roudy as his brothers and sisters, Tolkyn was the friendly one of his siblings.

In YBTR -90, Tolkyn took apprenticeship as a locksmith; his actual wants was for jinky little gizmos that amused him but the fine pins and bolts of locks very well worked to his benefit. In the isolation of the mountain where the workshops pounded out the metal for use or to sell, Tolkyn worked to make sure that whatever was secured stayed that way. He made good silver off of his success, much to his and the clan's honor. Unfortunately, his apprenticeship would end around YBTR -63, as plague struck fields and dwarf alike.

Tolkyn had learned many contacts in that time, building often complicated locks for adventurous and mysterious people. It so happened that Garret Jax, a renowned Weapons Master, had interest in the plague. The locksmith himself was worried about his clan but feared what would happen if the plague was left unchecked. Jax had been following a lead on some adventure or other, a story that Tolkyn would love to have heard some other time.

By YBTR -62, the plague was beginning to starve the rest of the people. Dwarves were beginning to blame the other races for the plague. The sickness didn't affect them nor spread like it did with dwarves. People were beginning to be usher the sick into closed quarters while crops lay smoldering in the fields. Now traveling with Jax and a little handy with a sword, Tolkyn finally found the source of the plague after a year of searching. Three hags had worked foul breweries into the land, to kill descendants of Clan Gul and nearly succeeding.

What Tolkyn saw that day haunted him for a time. A man, stitched together with different flesh and soaking chest-deep in a ceramic vat. Though disturbed, the hags managed to escape after a pitched battle between the five. Tolkyn had been poisoned by one hag with a more lethal strain of the plague, forcing Jax to rely on, as he often put it, "rarely used skills."

Ultimately saved as well as Hefhilgen, Jax took the young clansman under his wing after a mighty feast from Clan Grimr. Hard he trained in the camps of Verden armies, often facing abuse when Jax was not looking. He grew strong but ended up hating fights as he improved. He would eventually hurt someone even if he was trying to simply toss them off. Still, nothing compared to his growing skill at two-weapon fighting.

In YBTR -19, Tolkyn was a sight seen wherever Jax was found. And it was devastating to many when the terrible Galathus Kelmoran raised from the dead as a lich in a terrible sweep of death. It was Jax that had bested Galathus in life at one of his own games, it seemed as if fate decreed again. They both realized what power was before them and knew they could not best it. Tolkyn still today speaks the moment when Jax's arrows had found the weakness of the lich too late to live.

Tolkyn passed the knowledge of the lich onto the Verden army before trying the same with Dalen, his words arriving late but assuredly.

The Arrow was dead but this did not stop Tolkyn, eventually seeking out other Masters. He traveled and adventured more than once in some quests he questioned why he even went. And as word of deeds spread, so to did some upper classes. Though friends with numerous people in many different factions, even he was surprise by the sudden attack of the newly crowned Timber Crag Kingdom. The surprise invasion killed many that failed to surrender and the lycanthrope hordes were superior to any footman or knight.

From the start to the end of the war, Tolkyn fought many times at the behest of both Dalen and Verden. What city-states that still paid homage to the throne of Dalen gave him magic to use. As time passed, he gained more favors. In Verden, he was able to navigate their armies, eventually leading a relief of mercenary squads to relieve Hefhilgen.

He was sad to see much of his clan dead, as he sometimes says. It gave him more resolve to find a path that worked, to hold on to bonds, and strong of the hand. With Hefhilgen somewhat relieved in the aftermath of the war, Tolkyn continues to lend help anywhere he ends up walking.

Favourite food

Wild Boar, pit roasted with honey


Blueberry Pie

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