Returning to the scene

---- Viebeck, afternoon/evening, 2 YSTR ----

After having retreated from the city Artem was looking for somewhere suitable to make camp. That however wasn't going to be an easy task. In addition to this the sun was setting and now it was pouring down. As much as he hated to admit it the it seemed as though he would be forced to return to the inn and hope that he could stay there for the night without drawing attention.

From the old saddlebags he he had been carrying around he pulled out his long leather jacket and put it on. The jacket was clearly quite olde and worn, but it was still able to keep him somewhat dry.

As he approached the tavern he pulled up the hood, if possible, even further in the hope that this would make it impossible for Johanna and her father to recognize him (As they were the ones owning the tavern).

He held his head low as he entered the tavern and picked one of the tables furthest away from the bar, simply trying to blend in with the rest of the costumers. Unfortunately this meant he was forced to take a seat close to the dwarf he had run into earlier, but right now he had no other option than to hope the dwarf wouldn't notice him. Nevertheless he casually pulled up his hood a bit more, making sure no one could see his otherwise unusual hair.


Johanna noticed the tall guy entering the tavern and discreetly followed him with her gaze as he took a seat, while still attending to her other costumers. His figure and his movements left no doubt in her mind; it had to be Artem. Quietly she went to the kitchen, poured a bowl of stew and went over to him. She leaned in as she placed the bowl in front of him and whispered "Artem, we need to talk. Come meet me after I'm done serving for the night. You know where to find me.". It was only a brief message, but she was sure he would come. Having said this she quickly left and continued on with her other duties.


Artem almost froze to the spot when he heard her whispering voice in his ear. He didn't look at her, but kept his eyes on the bowl in front of him. He hadn't exactly expected to be recognized, at least not this quickly, though he would be lying if he were to say he didn't like it. After all, who says no to a free dinner? Then he started eating, trying to decide what to do, though he almost already had made up his mind.

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