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Summary: Loyalty depends on whoever is paying.

Artem Eluf Lucio

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Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Mercenaries

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





Mercenary and bounty hunter.
He is a skilled horse rider and is capable of using a large variety of weapons in close combat.



Physical Appearance

He is a bit taller than average, has short reddish-black hair and brown eyes. He’s very fit and often dressed in dark brown clothes.

Personality and interests

He can be very charming and flirting, but deadly serious when he’s working. He is very proud of his skills and will rarely admit if he makes some kind of mistake.


His mother worked on a brothel and he has never known his father. Growing up in a poor part of one of the capital, his true friends and family quickly became the pickpockets and other criminals in the city. As he became older and realised he’d never get the chance to become a knight he started to use his fighting skills otherwise. Now he doesn’t care what the job is or who’s paying him as long as he gets his money.

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Image of Artem Eluf Lucio
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