Dwarven Anger

((Viebeck, 2 YSTR))

"Now, I would recommend you to take those words back and leave, unless of course you would like to be humiliated in front of these people. The choice is yours," Artem said with a confident smirk.

Tolkyn felt his anger boil over. It could not be held back any longer. "Humiliate you, as you wish," he just about spat before moving. A single step forward brought him within striking range. The next step added power to his punch, which he presented to the chest of the brash youth. Steel slid from scabbard but not in time as the punishing blow pushed Artem back.

"Put that away, boy, before I show you how to wield a sword properly," he growled, as Artem presented a naked blade to him. He moved his cloak back, twin hilts jutting from his hips.

Artem came at him and sudden anger started to abate as the sword chopped at him. With a blink, both shortswords slid free and blocked the attack in a crisscross. With a shove, he pushed Artem's blade to the side and followed through with swirling blades. The youth backed away a step or two. Tolkyn continued his flourishes even as his anger cooled further.

He did not fail to notice the townspeople gathered in a circle of yells and goading.

Artem stabbed forward, bringing his mind to the fight. He parried with his right and slashed with his left, pulling the blow back to lightly scrape against the youth's armor.

"You might want to look at ya sword, boy," Tolkyn said. His blades were magical, therefore hardened against normal attempts to notch and break the blade. It could still be broken, but Artem's sword was easier than his to break. He could already see a few divets where their blades had met edge-on.

What he said next made Tolkyn see red. With a dwarven roar of battle, he slammed his swords against Artem's defense. Artem kept a defensive posture, backing away from twin blows and deflecting a few. Tolkyn pursued him, matching every blow with equal amounts of strength and surprising dexterity and speed. His blades were little more than twirling haloes of steel as he kept his attack up.

Once more they parted.

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