Quick decision

---- Viebeck, evening, 2 YSTR ----

It didn't bother Artem at all that that the dwarf possessed magic. On the contrary he had made quite a few coins on people like that who needed help to get safely back to Dalen.

A small smirk spread on Artems face when presented with the job offer and a fresh pint. "Deal" he said and lifted his mug as he nodded to the dwarf before taking a big gulp of the delicious ale. He then shortly glanced back at Johanna as she walked back towards the bar. Though he didn't show it, it was with with mixed feelings that he accepted this deal, but leaving now were deffintly going to be the wisest choice for him.

He quickly finished the stew suppressing all his possible doubts as he downed the last of the ale and looked at the dwarf once more "Allright, now I'm ready to leave.". The faster he could get away from this place the better.

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