Why so curious?

---- Viebeck, evening, 2 YSTR ----

Artem was just about to take another spoonful of stew when he heard the dwarfs voice. With a tired and slightly annoyed sigh he put down the spoon.

"Not as sneaky as you thought, if you wanted to avoid attention. If you were so keen to leave, boy, why make such a fuss in the first place?"

"Well, I can assure you that I had absolutely no intention of staying here, but that damm weather left me no choice and unfortunately this inn is the only one in town so..." he looked at the dwarf "here I am, but why do you care?".

He really weren't in the mood for another fight, neither to draw anymore attention to himself than he clearly already had. He already had enough trouble as it were and he dreaded the conversation he would be forced to have with Johanna later tonight.

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