Many Unique Cases

---- Viebeck, evening, 2 YSTR ----

"Well, I can assure you that I had absolutely no intention of staying here, but that damm weather left me no choice and unfortunately this inn is the only one in town so..." he looked at the dwarf "here I am, but why do you care?"

The dwarf pulled out a pipe, reaching for his bag. As he began pulling hobbit leaf to stuff in, he replied, "Because I have a need to be out of this town as soon as possible and you seem quite ready ta jump out of yer skin, lad." He raised the pipe to his mouth, raising his fingers over top. He shielded the opening a bit, so much that one could not see his hand but Artem could. He flicked his fingers in a snap, a small candle-sized flame popping into existence. He lit the pipe and shook his hand, extinguishing the flame as he inhaled.

He let the smoke curl out of his nose as he regarded the young man. "Ya look ta be strong, lad," he went on in his drawl. "And ya got up right quick after Shield threw you off," he added with a chuckle. He saw the look on his face and made a motion of calmness, puffing smoke as he continued. "Seems to me you can handle a knock or two, and the weather is an easy thing to not worry about. I can get you out of here at your fastest convenience in exchange for a guide to Dalen."

Tolkyn paused and raised his hand for the maid. He asked for two pints of ale and paid silver readily. He turned and puffed a cloud of scented smoke. "Of course, if you have other interests..." He let it fall off as he took a huge drag and slowly exhaled. He timed it just right, the maid coming over with their pints. She threw a glance at Artem, Tolkyn took his mug and raised it up. He cocked his eyebrow, asking him if he was interested.

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