No fighting

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Tolkyn felt his anger boil over. It could not be held back any longer. "Humiliate you, as you wish," he just about spat before moving. A single step forward brought him within striking range. The next step added power to his punch, which he presented to the chest of the brash youth. Steel slid from scabbard but not in time as the punishing blow pushed Artem back.
"Put that away, boy, before I show you how to wield a sword properly," he growled, as Artem presented a naked blade to him. He moved his cloak back, twin hilts jutting from his hips.

"Now now, calm down guys" and elderly cityguard now stepped in between them "You're gonna have to settle this somewhere else, allright?". Artem really struggled to push down his anger. Eventually he resheated his blade and took a slight step back, but still didn't take his eyes off the dwarf "Of course, though I don't think that will be necessary.".

He was just about to leave when he noticed Johannas face through the crowd that had gathered in hope to see a fight. She was still carrying the child on her arm. Artem froze to the spot for a moment as their eyes met, almost unsure of what to do. Then gave the dwarf a quick glance before turning around "See you around". With that said he made his way through the crowd and left the scene. He just needed to get away from this as he couldn't deal with all of this right now. Besides now that the couldn't stay at the inn for obvious reasons he had to find someplace outside of the city to camp for the night that was steadily approaching.

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