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Summary: A blacksmith with a point to prove.

Gularzob Nugbu

Gender: Male

Age: 135

Group: People of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

While he technically holds allegiance to the Kingdom of Dalen for he lives within her borders, his true allegiance is actually in the Durmoztag Stronghold in the western portion of the kingdom.




His occupation is that of a blacksmith, and he is quite talented at it. Described by many as a master smith, he can forge anything by a verbal description alone, requiring nothing more than the customer's vague idea to forge a piece of art. He is also skilled in enchanting and other smithing magic, imbuing magical essences in his blades to give them qualities of indestructibility, infinite sharpness, and other such things.
Outaide of his mastery of smithing, he is also a very talented fighter, having used his very creations to fight off robbers who would try to obtain his goods through less than honorable methods.


He is a very respected member of his stronghold, falling only a few rungs below his chieftain. In human society, he is also well respected and can not be conscripted to fight due to his special talent.

Physical Appearance

Gular has a mossy green complexion and keeps his hair shaven to show off his tribal tattoos on his head, chest, and arms. His tattoos detail his history with his people. The ones on his head are the oldest and simply identify his home of Durmoztag Stronghold. His chest details his time as a blacksmith's apprentice and all the way up to his mastery under several teachers and in several nations with different materials. Those on his arms detail his military service to the Stronghold when he defended against Dalen troops, as well as a tribute to his kin who were lost in battle. He stands at 7'8" and is extremely well muscled, capable of swinging a 40 pound hammer as if it were little more than a 2 ounce rubber mallet. His hands are very large and strong, allowing him to easily operate his tongs and hold even large pieces of armor dedicated to go on ogres with a single hand as he pounds away with his hammer. His ears are pointed and pierced in several places, including a few gauges. His cheekbones have grown more than usual, protruding from his cheeks like small frills. His eyes are blood red pools and his bottom canines reach up from a slight underbite to stop just past his upper lip. He keeps his beard semi-short, but always has it braided to avoid stray hairs igniting in the fires of his forge.

Personality and interests

Despite his hardened appearance from working over a century in various forges as he master his craft, Gular is often quite compassionate. He enjoys life and encourages others to pursue their own brands of happiness to the fullest extent of their ability. However, despite this happy mood, he will switch like a top if someone moves against him or insults his craftsmanship.


Born in the Durmoztag Stronghold, Gular became the blacksmith's apprentice at the ripe young age of 8. At that point he did little more than work the bellows or bring the smith his hammers, but he watched everyday. He watched and learned as the smith worked different materials in weapons of war and pieces of art. He learned how a tool of destruction could be embellished to rival the beauty of the goddess of love herself.

As he learned his trade, he moves away from the stronghold, extending into the human world. At first, the stigma of orcs producing ugly weapons and armor stuck with him until he proved his worth against several different smiths from around the realm. As his weapons outperformed his opponents in every strength challenge imaginable, it came time for the final inspection to see how they held up and if they still maintained a certain degree of beauty. His weapons won with flying colors, and as his reputation grew, so did his wealth. He had customers coming from kingdoms far and wide, but he refused them all and went back to the stronghold. Learning the final steps of smithing, the magical side, under the tutelage of the stronghold shaman, he mastered the art of arcane smithing. With these skills under his belt, he once again emerged from hiding to produce for the humans.

Favourite food

Elk steak

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