Return of the Dog

-Dalen Capital, Slave Pens, Night, 2 DSTR-

The crushing of bone and the wet shredding of flesh filled the hall as Kline walked down to where the hounds feasted. They attacked it, rent it, the white of the flesh was turned crimson and blood made lovely arches across the wall as they ripped it free.

“I am impressed.” Kline said looking at Gularzob. “They know a pack leader when they see one I guess.” He said as he walked down the stairs. His pace was slower, keeping himself from over exerting himself with his wounds. His shirt was sticking to him, the blood was drying, making the cloth stiff. The shirt was ruined, though it was not cut like his chest, the blood would never come out though.

The chest wound had mostly closed up, it was his arm he was worried about. The sleeve of his coat hid the deep puncture wounds. He was sure it had hit something, he had felt it slide along the bone when it stabbed into him. He could keep the arm from moving as much as possible and this would keep the wound from leaking more blood.

He knew though it was just a matter of time before he passed out.

He picked up a few of the leashes and gave them a yank with his good arm. “We should get them outside. Kalena and Lafayette will be for a while, we should get them to the handlers and came back for the two.” He advised. They could see through the maze for now, but how long that enchantment would last, he could not say. Enchantments were a tricky thing, and magic in general was something he preferred to limit his interaction with.

He paused. “Galarzob, I cannot thank you enough for you help. You do not know me, or my men and you have helped as if you were one of us. I will see you are repaid for it.” He offered him his hand, giving the Orc a nod of his head. “We may not have found his soul, but it was not for a lack of trying. I cannot ask you to risk any more, and Van would not want anyone to die trying to save him. Perhaps if we petition the gods, or some other power.”

He looked around at the place without the enchantments, he knew they were there though. “Magic has to be able to be used somehow.” He was not going to just roll over, he clenched his teeth and set his jaw. “We will regroup and reassess, get a new strategy.” He said this more to himself, pulling the hounds with him, following the path out of here.

As they were stepping out two carriages were rolling up, one with one of the hounds caged and muzzled. The two carriages were driven by the Emerald Scarves, the gang made no pretense to hide who they were, the Drow woman from the attack hopped from the caged carriage.

The nicer of the two coaches stopped, a fine coach with black wood and green trim. The horses were even done in polished tack, and the driver wore a fine coat. A footman jumped from the rear and opened the door, and from the carriage stepped a red tinted skinned woman with black hair and golden eyes. Sarx led the gang, and she gave Kline a respectful bow.

Just then Kalena and Lafayette stepped from the place.

“I understand there was a bit of a problem.” She turned and motioned to her men, her hand made a fluid motion across her own neck. The female drow looked shocked as three of them impaled her, she was reaching for her blade when the three took her from behind, the blade punching out her chest in a gruesome display.

“My underling got it in her head to try and sell one of the royal hounds. You will know this was an independent act, and one I condone. You are welcome to her body, and I have brought the beast back. I would hope you would return it to the Queen with my deepest regrets and let her know I will have everything in running order by morning, here in her Lower Quarter.” She looked at Kalena as she said this, her golden eyes on the other assassin. “I am her loyal vassal and seek only to maintain order here, in her city.”

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