Stranger in the cell

Lafayette sighed. "If I die I will haunt you." he told her, his tone not serious. But he walked in anyway. Taking out his knife. He spoke, to the woman. "I am only here to help, just be calm." he said. Cutting the ropes.

Cutting the woman free, she bend her joints trying to get the stiffness out. When she opened her eyes they were an eerie blue. Almost inhuman. When she spoke it was flat and the tone carried sarcasm, though they were not being sarcastic. A dull tone, like a bored child. "Oh thank you for rescuing me. But who are you? Was it the queen, she is angry isn't she. More so then usual." the girl asked. "You wouldn't happen to have clothes would you. It seems rude to have you stare at me." she said though she did nothing to try to cover up.

Lafayette looked at Kalena confused by this woman. The way she spoke, the way she moved, but he didn't want to think about it in the room. Stepping out it felt like summer again. "How can it be that cold." he asked. The woman walked out to join them in not the cold.

(sorry its not that long.)

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