---- Dalen Capital, Midish-afternoon, 0 DSTR ----

"You pretend to be your own sister?" this frankly surprised Artem quite a bit, though the would have some advantages it would seem. He considered this before choosing to give his reply "Good thinking. Is actually a brilliant idea. Especially if she's rich.". The thought of this made him smile a little. If he were able to play his cards right then maybe he could get that chance to stay her a few days more than necessary, with Winifred, living like nobles. It certainly would be worth trying. He could always start searching for Sabina later.

Then she talked about the meal she owed him. This only made his smile widen "It certainly would. I'll be looking forward to it.".

He then stopped beside her outside the inn "Well that depends on you. If you don't want my help handling all of that then I'd prefer to stay here and wait.". To be honest ha had never felt quite comfortable in the company of too many nobles or at least well dressed people, but I she wanted his help he would be ready to follow her.

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