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Summary: A faerie who avoids using magic, and has a terrible taste in fiction.

Winifred Victoria Conwood

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Gender: Female

Age: 345 (Appears to be 24)

Group: People of Verden

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





Conwood no longer serves anybody but herself. She switched kingdoms, and now resides in the forest on lands that technically belong to Verden, but boarder the ‘gray territory’. Conwood possesses the ability to manipulate illusions. She is especially skilled in imprisoning individuals in an illusion of their greatest fear for months on end. The downside to this gift is that she feels the other person’s terror and pain throughout their imprisonment. She is very skilled in combat, especially hand to hand, but avoids using her ability at all costs.


Though she has no specific title, she was raised in a household that had previously dedicated their offspring to serving those in power. This upbringing is what permitted an acute category within her practice. Ever since her eldest brother used a similar skill against those in power, her family was relinquished from their lifelong contract. Since then, her family was banished and she cut ties with them entirely.

Physical Appearance

Winnifred stands at a perfect 5’6’’, with symmetrical features from the part in her hair, to the alignment of her hips. Her petite stature is accompanied with silver wings that match her overall build. The eyes of a foggy sky that looks over the ocean, with dark rims, that capture the attention of strangers. She has a sharp jawline, with ears that don’t stick out- but surely attract quick glances with due to the unusually sharp tips. Ms. Conwood has fair skin, in which she intends to keep that way. All her physical attributes allow her to remain visually appealing as the ripe age of 24.

Personality and interests

Ms. Conwood could easily be described as a snob. Though she lives on the outskirts of Verden, her home is extravagant on the inside. She remains quiet on most occasions, rarely losing her temper. The coolness of her nature stems from the extensive handlings of those who are being tortured. Her humor is dryer than the Sahara; but even the Sahara gets the occasional rainfall (less than an inch per year, to be exact).
Philosophy and understanding the depths of morality are what interests her most. That, and horrible romance novels.


The Conwoods are a family of Faeries that worked for a Monarchy at one point. Their entire bloodline was dedicated to managing foreign affairs; this included P.O.W and making people disappear without anyone noticing. Winnifred is the youngest of 25 siblings, with two devoted parents. It was her eldest brother, Patrick, that ended the ties with the royals and essentially had the family banished.
She has never been in love, and seeks very little companionship. Not very many people understand her humor, or can spar intellectually with her.

Favourite food

Peanut butter, graham crackers, and chocolate chip all together.

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