Moving on

---- Dalen Capital, Gularzob's Shop. Mid-afternoon, 0 DSTR ----

Combatting the sentiment she felt for him, she let humor win her tongue. “Who knew there was a man under all those rags? The women of Dalen can now be put at rest, they no longer are at risk of gauging out their eyes.”

He just smiled a little at her joke, not at all offended by it. In fact he quite liked her teasing, but of course he wasn't going to admit that openly.

Having said goodbye to the trio Artem now left the shop. He was now Matteo Ricci, a noble here from Dalen. Despite this change, that hopefully would be good enough to fool any cityguards they might encounter, he didn't feel any different at all. Though he wasn't quite sure his new clothes were going to fool anyone, he got a bit confidence in it when his own horse seemed a bit weary of him. Luckily it quickly calmed down after a few reassuring words and a pad on the neck before he strapped his saddlebags back onto it.

He then untied the horse and lead it back to Winifred. "Allright. Are you ready to leave, milady?" he said with a smile, though there worries were far from over at this point "I suggest that we find a place to stay for the night, get some food and then try to plan our next move.".

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