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Summary: If you ask me to wait, my audit will be harsher.

Isai Akbaje

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: Nobles of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





Tax Collector. He is also adequate with a sword and shield, as he has had to, on many occasions, collect his taxes through force


He is a lower member of the noble hierarchy, but he is still spoken to with respect from most members of society.

Physical Appearance

Large, standing at 6'5" and having wide shoulders, he has a slight gut from being well fed but he carries his weight well and his belly only really shows if he is not conscious of how he is holding his abdominal muscles.

Personality and interests

Isai is a very stern man, being known to be a little too serious than what the situation called for. He has no qualms about telling someone if he thinks they are foolish.


Born in the capital, Isai learned quickly the rules of Dalen as well as the corruption that grew from the shadows. He entered training at a young age to work under his father's wing, who was also a tax collector.

There was one visit to a house when he was 28 that would chabge his life forever. The man he had to collect from had three serving slaves that came to bring Isai refreshments when arrived. This was no different from normal, many of his customers needing time to fib up a story when he arrived. The difference however, was that when the slaves turned their backs to him after serving him, he could see their spines and ribs. Literally. The man had skinned their backs so that you could see their skeletal structure. Upon closer inspection, he saw more slaves that were skinned in places, some even without sections of muscles that were showing. Investigating this strange behavior, he eventually found the poeces of flesh, in the man's stew and his drying rack where he was making jerky.

Upon finding this, Isai killed the man outright, writing in his paperwork that the man resisted with violent forxe. He did not, however, write about how he helped the slaves gain new identities and escape to live their lives as best they could. Ever since then, he has written more than a few false identities, but only if the pay is enough or he finds the cause worthy.

Favourite food


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Image of Isai Akbaje
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