Difficult Choices

-Dalen Capital, Slave Pens, Night, 2 DSTR-

Gularzob narrowed his eyes as Kline began speaking about the possibility of the merchandise being lost in the blaze, but he allowed them to return to normal when he saw the difficulty the man seemed to have in calling them that. Could it be that this man, a noble and respected landowner with Dalen, could be put off by the notion of slavery? Probably not, but as a man of common background, he may have had interactions with people who were unfortunate enough to find themselves on the wrong side of a set of iron shackles.

Looking between the party as they each spoke their opinions on whether or not they should stay together, he shot a glance to Kline when he began speaking, a commanding edge to his tone. Raising his eyebrows as he placed each of them within his party, Gularzob nodded slightly before speaking, "We will act as the vamguard it seems." Glancing down at the sword in his hand, he admired the slight curve he had hammered into it before pulling a small rag from his bag. Wiping the blade down carefully, he cleaned it of the poison the criminals had put on it to add to the lethality. Satisfied, he looked to the others and spoke in a non chalant tone, "It would be quite unfortunate to nick one of you within these tight quarters with a poison that we do not yet know the properties of."

Setting off behind Kline when the man took the lead, he held the sword by the top of the blade in his left hand with the tip pointed back towards the others. His right hand swung freely with his hammer in it, a weapon much better suited for the tight confines of the corridor. If open melee began, he could quickly bring his sword to bear, but for a quick scuffle, the hammer would be more than enough. Training his ears for the footfall that had been heard before, he followed closely behind Kline, keeping his own footfall as light as he could as they approached a turn up ahead in the corridor. Rolling around Kline's right hand side to get vision down the hallway at the same time as the male, he was pleasantly surprised to find that there was no ambush in wait for them, or so it would seem. Moving through the turn, he glanced over at Kline as he spoke about Kalena. Chuckling softly, he looked around them and lowered his voice so that the woman in question would not hear his response, "I know her well enough. She is a regular client of my farrier services and other smithcrafting, but I have never spent much time with her on a personal level. It has always been a professional visit, but she has been kind and fair every time, so I have some gauge of who she is. As far as a lover, I only know that her current love would be the business of equestrian husbandry. She has some of the finest horses in this part of the Queendom, so I'd say it is a rather productive love affair."

Chuckling softly at his choice of words, Gularzob followed behind Kline until they came to another corner. Swinging around to his side again, his attention was drawn from the corner when he heard a quick shout that sounded suspiciously just like Kalena. Whipping his head around to their rear, he saw only darkness where they had come from and no sign of the others. Looking back to see how Kline would respond, he saw an image of Kline, stood as ever, captured by the mirror while his body lay on the ground lifeless. Taking a breath as he looked at the mirror, he could smell the woman before she spoke.

Turning his head to take in the image of the little girl, Gularzob narrowed his eyes and snarled slightly as she spoke the obvious. He knew he was trapped, he had seen magic similar to this before. Magic that took a man's soul and trapped it within a dagger that was then used to slaughter his family and gather their souls as well. Stepping towards the mirror, he knelt down and pulled Klinecs body away from the glassy surface as she spoke. Shooting a glare towards the girl as she held the billet and described the situation, he restsd a hand near Kline's nose to feel for breath. Satisfied when he felt a light breeze coming from his nostrils to signify that he was alive, he looked towards the girl fully. Knelt down, he was still taller than her, and with his superior height, he looked past her to try to see Kalena or Lafayette coming from behind her.

Seeing no such reinforcements and listening to her deal, he immediately regretted his classes he skipped with the Stronghold Shaman. He had told her that he wanted to learn smithing magic and enchanting. Not binding a soul. Standing up and casting an eye towards the mirror he crossed his arms before speaking, "Who will the sword be going to?"

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