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Summary: Sup, bitches?

Lars Saiki

Gender: Eunuch

Age: 176

Group: People of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





Lars is one of the finest tailors in the Kingdom of Dalen. He has actually designed several of the Queen's wardrobes that she then wore out into several formal occasions. He is also skilled in basic poisons and defensive magic.


None, he lets his work do the talking.

Physical Appearance

Lars would best be described as beautiful. He has full lips which he keeps painted according to his outfit. He is usually wearing makeup of his own concocting, owning his feminine features and taking pride in them.

Personality and interests

Lars usually holds his expressions in a an uninterested, resting bitch face, and that usually infects his personality. He is not often excitable, but he can become extremely sarcastic and snarky if pushed.


Lars grew up an unfortunate childhood. He lived with his mother and father in the woods of Verden, away from the humans and basically anyone else. They were loners who were concentrating on their research of natural magic. This would be their downfall when they didn't notice a group of brigands coming down on them. His parents were killed when Lars was 8, causing him to flee for his life towards Dalen. When he arrived, he was starved and on the brink of death from dehydration when a slaver stumbled across him.

The slaver recognized the feminine features that the young elf had and instantly took a liking to the boy. Nurturing him back up to health, he castrated Lars when the young boy was healthy enough to withstand the shock.

Once the boy, now turned eunuch, had mostly healed from the operation, the slaves started having his way with him. Using Lars as a sex slave, the slaver started whoring him out to his friends and other people who were willing to pay the hefty charge for exercising their sick fantasies on the defenseless boy.

This went on for several years, until the boy reached the age of 22. By that point, despite the small meals the slaver gave him to keep him skinny and weak, Lars had begun perfecting the small magic he knew and the poisons he knew. He had a plot to kill the slaver, but it would take time and would require the disgusting act again.

Using a defensive spell to protect himself from the effects, he put the poison in his owner's favorite orifice and waited for the man to grow horny. When the action took place, the slaver had no idea that a semi-slow acting poison had been pushed inside of him with every thrust.

The poison would take several hours to kill the master, making it harder to link to anything in particular. When he dies, Lars then made his escape, leaving with a week's supply of food, water, and the clothes on his back.

When he was clear of the area, he made his way to the capital, needing to get away from any of the men that had used him for pleasure. Once he arrives, he lived for a while as a street rat, scavenging and begging for food until one day he was noticed by an older woman. She recognized his beauty under the layer of filth and took him in. She was an aging tailor with no apprentice to teach, so she chose to impart her knowledge upon him after he had grown comfortable enough to tell her his past.

Favourite food

Broccoli and cauliflower

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Image of Lars Saiki
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