A decent room for two

---- Dalen Capital, Midish-afternoon, 0 DSTR ----

Winifred smiled at the pride of Artem’s approval. Not that she needed it, or felt the need for it, but the tensions of the turmoil around her decision had ceased at his approval. “We all look just alike anyways- no one will be able to tell an immediate difference.”

Scanning his facial features as he offered his assistance, she took in a breath and shook her head. “No, you stay here. Besides, someone needs to watch the horse,” Winifred spoke swiftly, offering a gentle kiss on his cheek before heading up the three stone steps into the building. The well-crafted door had been opened for her at her arrival at the top of the steps, and she was ushered towards the ‘front desk’ of the establishment.

“A night’s stay, if you will,” she said with a smile.

The man behind the counter was well dressed for his position, and pleasant to look at. He had dark hair, light eyes, and a warming smile. “Who might be staying with us, and will you be paying now, or are we billing it to the family?”

Winifred smiled and untied her cloak as she spoke. “Adelyn Collins, please, send the bill to the Collins guest house at the edge of Dalen.”

He eyed her outfit and took in a breath before speaking, “As you will, Miss Collins.”

“My husband is standing out front with that- horse. If you could, assist him in finding my room, and put the beast in a stable nearby?”

“Of course, Miss Collins,” He offered a tight smile and began writing the bill towards the Collins establishment. Winifred waited patiently for him to push the paper towards her with the means of getting a signature. Winifred took the quill, dipping it in the ink before signing ‘Adelyn Collins’ in the most appropriate format. Her sister’s signature couldn’t have changed that much.

“This gentleman will assist you to your room,” the man gestured towards another well-dressed man off to the side of the counter. Bowing her head slightly, she straightened her back and followed his steps up the chestnut staircase, and down the hall. Their room was the third door on the left in consideration to the flight of stairs.

Winifred looked down the stairs to see another gentleman leaving the Inn to assist her ‘husband’.

“I can be at your assistance any time, Miss Collins.”

She waved him off and entered the room as he pushed it open. Holding out her hand for him to place the key into her palm, he did just that and left her alone in the large room. A Persian rug was placed accordingly to fit most the room. Rubbing her hand over the large, King sized bed, she noticed a room divider up in the corner. Taking off her cloak, she placed the cloak on the bed before crossing the room to the corner. Behind the divider was a bath, soap, and two towels. Grunting to herself, she turned away from the divider and sat at the edge of the bed.

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