Getting to the point

-Dalen Capital, Truffle Pig, Later Evening 2 DSTR-

Celestia’s eyes followed his movements as he stood. Mentally, she began to prepare to whisper death towards him if he attempted to scorn her. Seeing him remove his coat, she lowered her eyes, along with her guard. If the man intended physical harm on her person, he would have attempted to do so already. “How much of your body must a woman kiss to know?” Celestia raised a brow and giggled impulsively at the question. Clearing her throat, she crossed her legs and closed her eyes in attempt to muddle the enthusiasm that bubbled within her.

Looking to meet Randel’s eyes, she lifted her wine glass and took a sip before pushing it towards him for a refill. “There aren’t many women that need tempting in my line of work.” Twirling a piece of her hair between her pointer finger and her middle finger. “That, and from what I have gathered in the women I have met, they are far too gentle for my tastes.”

“Am I getting fed tonight, or are you going to keep asking me questions that are none of your concern?” Celestia sighed and looked down at the slowly emptying tray of appetizers. Grabbing another slice of cheese, she slid the slice between her lips and licked the tip of her index fingers.

Her thoughts wondered elsewhere, and she took the moment to contrast the two men she had taken the company of in the past wo days. Simon, and Randel. The intentions of the former were known, but never pursued out of respect of the circumstances. Randel, on the other hand, had the entire situation in his favor of pursuing his intentions. A stark contrast was that even if Simon had been given the chance, his honor meant more to him than the playful words of a demon.

“Randel, what is the purpose of your conquest towards Thalia?” Celestia’s question was unconnected to the conversation they were previously having, but she wanted honesty.

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