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Summary: Dangerous deviant to the Dalen Throne

Randel Cartwright

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Gender: Male

Age: 58

Group: People of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





Philosopher and Poet


Had the rank of Professor in the Collage of Bards and Orates, but left that profession.

Physical Appearance

Though he is older his elf bloodline has kept him younger looking. Golden hair that is long and kept well frames his youthful face. He is slender of build and agile. When he walks he does so with practiced grace. He is tall for a human.

Personality and interests

He is a male who is passionate about many things. His driving passion though is justice, that is to say that he seeks Dalen to be a place of justice and freedom. His philosophy has moved him and he seeks truths in the darkness.


This is a story he had been told many times. He was the son of a Verdan noble, his mother raped by the noble during the war, kept as a trophy, his mother escaped and came back. She was ashamed of him and so left him with the druids to be raised. He was, raised as a scholar and was not allowed to learn any magic.

When he was old enough he left the druids and went to the College of Bards. There he studied more, and attained tenure as a professor. Teaching philosophy and the old poetry of the druids. He even penned the book that contained the tales of the Druids of Dalen, a work that is still unmatched and cited as parts of law. It was even cited as a mean to support slavery in Dalen.

He took a year off of teaching to study some of the records in Dalen. Part of this study was his own history. He hired the use of scrolls and potions to help him track down books on his own bloodline, using his blood as a reagent. What he found shook him.

He would have a title, his mother a blood relative to the Queen, but he was a shame, and hidden away. His birth and family created to hide his true name and place. He thought this was something he could live with, however, it grew to be a bitterness in him. He turned this bitterness into action.

He saw the life in Dalen as corrupt and a sham, he vowed to change things, to topple the Queen and her line.

He gathered funds and started lending money to nobles. He would raise cash and learn secrets, he was a smart professor and some of the nobles had studied under him in the college. It was only a matter of time before he would have much of the court in his control and he could then start effecting his plan.

He has made plans to shift the power of the throne to a parliament. Using allies on the criminal world and with the aid of bribes and favors to nobles he is plotting to take power from the Queen in her absence.

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