How Could I say No?

-Dalen Capital, Rooftop Garden, Early Morning 3 DSTR-

Orla was generous of spirit and liked helping people. But sometimes she did things not from any impulse of her own good nature, but from being governed by the celestial hierarchy that eclipsed her conscience, and which required of her a fundamental and deeper duty. Sometimes it ruled her actions without her taking awareness of it.

She nodded her small blonde head as if at approval of the whole idea Randel laid out. "Instilling empathy and appreciation—the ability to see other perspectives than his own—will not only do Tyreth no harm, but do him a great good. So how could I say no?" she answered with an odd smile. "You are a fine, virtuous man, I'm sure, to want to open Tyreth's eyes this way and bring about such a positive change in him." She gave Randel an ironic look. "With how important this obviously is, I'd be prepared not to delay and start at once if you should like. As for compensation, I think it best we decide what is proper after you have seen the results."

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