A Voice from Afar

Orla smiled, sensing Randel's genuine enjoyment of the lush verdure that surrounded them. Of course most elves had an affinity for nature. Looking up at him and studying his features, she noted he only appeared a half-elf and seemed to be half something else. Probably human, she thought. Certainly not fey like her. There was less of an otherworldly aspect to him and more an earthbound kind that was no less strong. She was tempted to peer telepathically into the edges of his mind, but suspected he would feel the invasion. She lightly walked alongside him, listening with interest to the grim story he told.

"This is a dreadful thing," she said, troubled and appalled. "A man's darkness consumes him, and not only does the land become sick, but you think the next scion of his family is also being affected, or rather afflicted by the same insidious blight? How terrible!"

As they stepped under the leafy branches of a willow tree, Randel touched her shoulder and brought her to look up at him. “Will you help?”

Orla felt herself caught in the power of his piercing eyes that strongly radiated his appeal. She was at a loss for words for a moment, and then cocked an ear as if to listen to a voice from afar that no one else could hear. The uncertainty slowly faded from her face to be replaced with a decisive smile.

"I shall be happy to lend you all the assistance in my power, Mister Cartwright," she said with conviction—the conviction of someone who lived in accord with the laws of nature. "It's possible the uncle's body may have passed, but his spiritual essence remains, restlessly plaguing the land as he reaches out to his living nephew in anger and frustration. Should this be the case, I may be able to remedy the matter... on my own. I am not adept enough to directly manipulate human souls-and such magical practices are forbidden-but I can purge the land of corruption, and by bringing it back into balance, untether the man's soul so that he's cast adrift beyond our world and into the void from whence the damned dwell. That is the best I can do, and if successful it should fully restore the land and safeguard Tyreth from any further undue influences."

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