Remembering faces

-Dalen Capital, The Royal Palace, Night, 2 DSTR-

Archer shook his head slightly as he rubbed his chin. "Hmm..." he responded. "Yes the queen did have some people working for her who would meet such a description. Never for work that one would deem to be a crime. Simple things like talking to the victim of a crime, it the soul was still lurking." he explained. "But she doesn't look like the last one." he said looking at her again.

"You say the young Lady Telsana was attacked? Have you checked to see if she as holding up?" he asked his brain still searching for a name. He did remember that someone was working for the queen and vanished. But hadn't see her contact years. The queen had informed him that they changed form now and again to avoid anyone other then the queen and if a necromancer was arrested to have them checked before trial.

"You would be Hemlock correct." Archers stated to her. She only nodded. "I remember you now. How is your frien..." he didn't finish as his gaze met Kalena's and told him not the subject for this moment.

"Allow me to see if she is available." Archer told Kalena before walking back up the stairs, and walking all the way to the queen's door. "Your highness, Madam Valade wishes to have an audience with you, she claims it is urgent."

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