Interrogation of a Driver

Dalen Capital, The Valade Estates, Late Night, 2 DSTR-

((OOC- to claify, this happened the night before, Kline was passed out and getting medical aid, I will say Frogmore helped with this.))

The three with Kline looked at Lafayette and then to the passed-out Kline. Laffy nodded. “We will see to him, you see what he wants.” Herod and the older man took the Baron up to the room.

Froggy followed the redheaded man with the passed-out driver into the room. Curious as to what was going on. The room was a work room, for working on shoes and blacksmithing needs the house may have. A furnace was cold, small, this was made to service the small needs the house may have. It did have an impressive dinginess to it and lots of tools hanging from pegs.

Making sure the man was still out Lafayette retrieved a chair tying the man to it. "Ouvre les yeux!" he said splashing the man with water. "You will never get anything out of me." he said. Lafayette cracked his knuckles. "A fair assumption however, your plan has failed and since hit has Kalena has already..." before Lafayette could finish the man started to swear and spit. "Par les dieux. No civility in this land." he said hitting the man. Almost knocking the chair over. Grabbing it before it tipped. "I can do this all day, and if I need a break I am sure my friend would take over." he gestured to Froggy.

"What is the plan. Just tell me and you might get a chance to not suffer a fate worse than dying." Lafayette said, though he didn't know the rules he wasn't planning to let justice do its duty until he did his. This man was planning to bomb the manor. With all the innocent people inside.

The half infernal stood there, at the door, his red eyes fixed on the young driver. The grey skin rippled some as he studied the lad, the half demon trying to sense him. “He has an evil about him.” He said softly. “Let me have a crack at him. O know a few tricks.” He stepped over to the tools looking them over.

“I will need a few things first. Some honey, some spark powder, a doctor’s bag, and cockroaches, lots of them.” He turned and looked at the one tied in the chair. “Small ones, not the large ones, the small ones get under things better.”

He could see the man was starting to sweat, and this is what he wanted. Pain was easy to overcome, but fear, that was what made torture bad. It was fear of the pain. You go right to laying into the guy and he just must bear up, but you let them sweat, you let them start to fear, and it starts to consume them.

“It was not for you.” He blurted out. “It was to kill Her, Sarx. I was supposed to kill her, but I never got a clean shot.” He said and looked at them both. “Look, she has a lot of enemies, and I was hired to take her out. That has to go back to her house…”

The carriage exploded in the green.

“I never got to reset the timer. I did not have this planned, she was to go to the play and meet with some half-elf, then go home. I was going to reset the timer after I left.” He looked up, the blue eyes of the driver looking at them from under blond locks of hair.

“I am Gerard, and now I am dead. When she finds out I am over, so do what you will, I am sure it will be less then she will do.” He tells them and leans back in the chair, the side of his mouth bloody as it turns up in a smile.

Froggy looked at Lafayette. “He is telling the truth, from what I can see. You have other questions for him?”

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