-Dalen Capital, Slave Pens, Night, 2 DSTR-

“Well at least half that is true anyway,” Kalena said with palpable distrust.

Just then Hemlock stepped forward and shouted, “Return my pendant to me! I know you have it! Return it to me! You got what you wanted!"

Kalena slowly looked between them, then to the dead underling, and back to the woman. “Well now... isn't this interesting? I notice you haven't told us your name either, but if you are the leader of the Emerald Scarves, then in the name of the Queen I command you and your people to lay down your arms and surrender!” She smiled very coldly at the other woman. “If you are truly Her Majesty's loyal vassals, as you both claim, neither of you should have anything at all to fear if we bring the two of you before the Queen to make a full account of what transpired this evening, and your respective roles in these events.”

Kline started to sway, the blood loss was taking its toll. “Wait, I am confused.” He said slowly. “You took the… who is that?” He asked looking at the new woman. “Did you take a slave from the pens? You know you cannot just take them, you have to buy them.”

He looked at the woman, and the dead drow. “She did all this?” He said, pointing his blade at the dead drow woman, he did recognize her from the ambush. “How did you find her?”

Sarx looked at the group, she was dressed in something more fitting the Opera then the street they were in. “I am Sarx, please, remember the name. I do run the Emerald Scarves, and if you really think you can arrest me and get out of the Lower Quarter alive, you are impressive. If you think the Lower Quarter will survive another day if you manage to get out with you, you are dreaming. My people will grind commerce in this city to a halt and you will see the slow starving of this city and eventually the Kingdom.” She looked at them as bold as any noble. “That is not to mention the very good friends who sit in the Queens court who enjoy the services and goods my people provide them, so if you wish to continue this misguided endeavor of arresting me, just know it will bring a storm you will not weather well.” She said all this in the kindest of tone, like a mother explaining to her children the complex nature of the world.

“I provide security and safety to the city with organized and efficient crime, something you have no evidence I have committed. In fact, I have come to deliver the criminal to you, and will see that crime is orderly and that it does not disrupt the better half of this city, something the Queen would prefer as well as many of the nobles.” She motioned to the dead drow woman. “I offer this, as a peace offering, take it, and the hounds, and go.”

The door to the slave pens opened and the slave from Kalena’s house stumbled out with two others, an old man and a young boy. “Help us, the door, it mantled open, and we are free. Mistess, you are here!” She said and helped the old man with her walking to Kalena. “The gods have saved me.”

Kline turned and looked at the slave Van had been with, then turned to look at Sarx. Things started to spin, he staggered and fell back. He did not realize he had fallen, to him it was as if something hit him in the back, and he was suddenly looking up at the sky.

Sarx arched a brow. “Seems your friend needs help. Take the slaves then, and him, and you can even use my carriage to take him home.” She looked at Hemlock and smiled. “If I have anything of yours, I surely do not have it on me. Perhaps we can meet again and discuss what it is you lost?”

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