Dalen Capital, Slave Pens, Night, 2 DSTR-

“My underling got it in her head to try and sell one of the royal hounds. You will know this was an independent act, and one I condone. You are welcome to her body, and I have brought the beast back. I would hope you would return it to the Queen with my deepest regrets and let her know I will have everything in running order by morning, here in her Lower Quarter.”

Kalena looked around to Kline and Gularzob, head spinning.

The women looked at her as she said this, her golden eyes on the other assassin. “I am her loyal vassal and seek only to maintain order here, in her city.”

“Well at least half that is true anyway,” Kalena said with palpable distrust.

Just then Hemlock stepped forward and shouted, “Return my pendant to me! I know you have it! Return it to me! You got what you wanted!"

Kalena slowly looked between them, then to the dead underling, and back to the woman. “Well now... isn't this interesting? I notice you haven't told us your name either, but if you are the leader of the Emerald Scarves, then in the name of the Queen I command you and your people to lay down your arms and surrender!” She smiled very coldly at the other woman. “If you are truly Her Majesty's loyal vassals, as you both claim, neither of you should have anything at all to fear if we bring the two of you before the Queen to make a full account of what transpired this evening, and your respective roles in these events.”

(OOC – I have to go out in a few minutes so this is all I can write for now. But if I made a mistake and Hemlock is accusing the dead underling of forcing her to utilize Van's soul and not the other woman here then this post can be disregarded. I'm a bit confused.)

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