The Cold Woman

As the woman began to explain herself Lafayette took out a tiny vial of what looked like simple lotion, how ever it was a warming salve. The slow toned woman began explaining.

"The Queen knows me or of me." she said. "I don't always look like this. I don't mean the naked thing. I mean I am usually not naked but just the every thing. This isn't how I look." she seemed to be going in circles. "I guess she didn't send you, She wouldn't have know what I look like but she would know I was missing. More missing then my pendant." she said feeling her chest where it should be. "Cold...the cold...It's from a rune you can't see. I can't see it either. Cheap, mockery of arcane arts. I hate runes. Cheap and broken art of magic." Hemlock rambled.

"I am sorry if I am not really explaining anything, It's hard to remember it all. I was working for a group that said they wanted help bestowing unique magic into blades." she said. "Souls of beats to make weapons more fearsome. But they brought me a human soul. When I objected they knocked me out and took my pendant to use my magic weather I liked it or not." She attempted to make it make sense.

"So... you are a necromancer." Lafayette asked.

"Not in such words. Not anymore anyway." she said. "I only use my magic to make souls at peace or to help solve crimes for the queen. Talking to the dead for her, things like that. Other wise I simply prep bodies to be buried. Someone who talks to them knows best how to put them to rest after all." Hemlock explained.

After managing to explain what little she could the group walked. Trying to find a way out. It was a long walk but eventually after a long time they found a way out. But not after passing the same mark Lafayette left to keep them from making circles 3 times.

(Sorry that last bit is a little rushed, didn't know how to get them out of there.)

Seeing the groups claim to work for the Queen, Hemlock remembered one of there faces. "Return my pendant to me at once." she told them. "I know you have it return it to me. You got what you wanted."

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