More and More Messy

-Dalen Capital, Slave Pens, Night, 2 DSTR-

Gularzob stood at the top of the stairs for a second as he watched the hounds tear into the leg of unicorn, a sudden urge of hunger overcoming him. It had been a few hours since he took a couple of bites at dinner, prior to Van's passing and the dining coming to an abrupt end. Ignoring the hunger that growled within his belly, he turned his attention to Kline when he praisws him for his ability to take control of them. Chuckling softly, he followed Kline down the stairs and towards the dogs. He noticed the man's slow pace as they went down the stairs, but he chose not to say anything about his condition. He had experienced before where a severe injury could be ignored until a person made it to safety, but if the injury is brought up frequently, the effects take hold faster and the person falls victim sooner.

However, when they reached the bottom of the stairs and Kline took hold of the leashes, Gularzob put a hand out and took the majority of the leashes from him. Hearimg him give advice on what to do, Gular raised a brow slightly before speaking, "They are resourceful, I think we would have heard their screams if they had come. I do agree, the hounds need to be with their handlers to free us up to return to find the others." Starting down the hall again, he looked at the edges of the magical markings around them. They were healthy and clear, but he could already see the very edges of some of the thinnest parts beginning to become fuzzy. Starting down the hall, he was keeping Kline's pace in mind, but he was not expecting the man to come to a halt behind him. Turning to look over his shoulder at him, he could not help the slight grin that played at his lips.

“Gularzob, I cannot thank you enough for your help. You do not know me, or my men and you have helped as if you were one of us. I will see you are repaid for it.” He offered him his hand, giving the Orc a nod of his head. “We may not have found his soul, but it was not for a lack of trying. I cannot ask you to risk any more, and Van would not want anyone to die trying to save him. Perhaps if we petition the gods, or some other power."

Taking Kline's hand in his own with a firm squeeze and shake, Gularzob smiled and nodded his head in return. Looking down to his toolbag, where he had placed the billet when they began moving again, he reached in and pulled it out. Holding it out before him and slightly angled towards Kline, he said, "I do not have to know you very well to know that you are a man of honor and action. I see why men are led to follow you into battle, and I have enjoyed assisting you on this mission. There is something I must tell you though. Your soul was trapped within that mirror, and there was only one way I could guarantee your safety. This billet contains Van's soul, and to guarantee your freedom, I had to make a blood oath to forge this into a sword. We have rescued his soul, and lost it. But, there might be a way I can get it detached from the steel. It will take time though."

Gularzob followed him through the building, the leash in his hand and the hounds held firmly by his side. He would not let them pull him and act like fools like they did with their handlers. Leaving the building with expectancy to see the handlers, he was instead greeted by two carriages that he recognized instantly from a life in the Lower Quarter. Narrowing his eyes at Sarx before she even opened her mouth, he stood to the rear of the group, wordlessly and with his eyes looking for threats and a way out. He knew the crimes she was capable of, and he wanted to be free from this place as soon as he could. Seeing Kalena and Lafayette arrive with a weakened woman who decided it was best to begin screaming, he waa thankful when Kline passed out for it gave him a distraction from the nonsense around him. Catching the man and lowering him to the ground, he knelt beside his head and looked him over. The blood on his shirt was becoming very crusty, and he could already hear Lars promising to get the blood out with one of her remedies.

Hearing the offer of using the carriage to return, Gularzob stood and picked Kline up under his knees and shoulders. Walking over to the carriage, he glared one of ths from that stood at the door into submission until the elf stepped aside and opened the door for him. Setring Kline down on the bench, he turned to find the handler. Taking the hounds to him, Gularzob glanced at Kalena and spoke quickly, "I am cutting my visit off here. It was a pleasure to see you again, Ms. Valade, but as you know, I have much work to complete. Please, come by the shop for a fitting and to see my progress within the next couple of days. I understand your schedule is quite...thrown off now. But, if you can make the time, I would appreciate it." Looking to Lafayette, he offered the man a nod before walking away from the group. Shaking his head, he disappeared into the darkness, releasing the flame on his shoulder and navigating the streets to his shop and home for much needed rest.

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