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Summary: I'm here to split skulls and break backs. If you are my target, you had better make peace.

Adisla Styliane

Gender: Female

Age: 278

Group: Soldiers of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





Aside from taking part in campaigns and wars, Adisla is charged with patrolling the countryside for major criminals or disturbances that would threaten the already shaky balance of power in the Kingdom. Her base of operations is the city of Ragodast, where she commands a garrison of nearly 75 soldiers. She is armed with a poleaxe, which she is particularly skilled with, and practices several types of magic, including restorative, healing, fire, lightning, and other forbidden magics.



Physical Appearance

She stands slightly taller than average for a woman, evening out at six foot even and weighing nearly 180 pounds. However, the weight is focused in her muscles, which she is quite pleased to say are extremely strong but have maintained a feminine shape overall. She has short blonde hair to facilitate her helm and dark green eyes.

Personality and interests

Adisla would be best described as a sadistic bitch. She is supposed to find and stop criminals in the Kingdom, but she usually stops them in a much more cruel way than the law would demand. She has also been known to accept bribes to turn a blind eye in the interest of avoiding unnecessary paperwork and wasted time. However, despite this lacksadaisal appearance, she can be quite serious about her job when it includes foreign kingdoms. She makes it a habit to track down and make an example of anyone who illegally enters the Kingdom of Dalen. In spite of this though, she has been known on many occasions to cross into other kingdoms in order to abduct targets of opportunity that would strengthen the kingdoms and her place in it.


Adisla was born as a commoner, destined to work at her mother's helm and learn to become a seamstress. Her father and brothers worked the farms and took part in the battles that required their conscription. She would have to stand with her mother and wave them away, hiding tears for their sake.

This continued for many years until her brothers began to not come back from the battles. But, with the need for troops still not met, Adisla found herself conscripted alongside her father. Under the terms of the conscription, she was only given the arms and armor that her family could afford, otherwise she would only be given a simple spear.

Unfortunately for her, her family's wealth had been spent on buying equipment for her brothers, and try as she might she could not fit into the armor. However, she was able to use her brother's poleaxe. She took her time getting used to the weapon, mainly using the magic her mother had taught her in the combat as she became accustomed to the weapon.

As she proved herself in arms, she enlisted in the army and eventually made enough money to hire a blacksmith to forge her a proper suit of armor. Ever since then, she has moved up in the ranks of the Dalen Army.

Favourite food

Grilled zucchini

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Image of Adisla Styliane
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