No Chance

---- Dalen forest, near Ragodast. Early evening, 0 DSTR ----

The pikeman let out a small breath of relief when he saw the woman get down from the steed. He had no real interest in killing the horse, and he knew that if they struck, he would be the first victim of the horse's hooves and gnashing teeth. No, this alternative suited him just fine. Hearing her beg for a chance to eat out her companions in order to obtain her own safety, he chuckled deeply before stspping forward to tie her hands with a thick rope before speaking, "The only one who gets to decide when you leave, or if you ever will, is Commander Sttliane. You are her prisoner now, not mine. She holds your life within her hands, so you had better make peace with whatever gods you hold dearest. You're going to need their help simply to survive."

Once her hands were tied, a halberdier from behind her would throw a hood over her head, tying it tight enough at the bottom to keep it from slipping ocer her chin but loose enough where it wasn't choking her. As the pikeman had said, she was already claimed, and anyone who injured her would have to answer to the Commander. With the hood tied, he would then pick her up and out her over the saddle on her stomach. They would tie her to the saddle with a loop of rope around her waist before directing the steed back to Radogast.

Tag- Sabina and possibly Nimorra

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