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Summary: Determined and passionate with a weakness for fluffy animals

Sabina Hoyt Hibiscus

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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: Nobles of Verden

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





She doesn't have any work, but is a very skilled archer and horseback rider.


She is the daughter of the Lady Hoyt Hibiscus.

Personality and interests

She is very passionate and loves all kinds of animals. She had always been fascinated by magic, eventhough she has never been allowed to see any of it in real life.


She is the youngest of three children and have two older brothers and has always been camperer, but though she's always been treated like a princess then she doesn't act like one.

She fell in love with a nonhuman being conning from Dalen and he was killed when their romance was discovered. Now she is searching for a way to bring him back and will do whatever it takes to suceed in this.

Favourite food

Broccoli strangely enough.

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Image of Sabina Hoyt Hibiscus
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