All alone

(Mid-day Leaky Tankard)

It was cold and windy outside so Sabina was glad when she finally found a inn that was open. She stepped inside and glanced around. Happy to see that there weren't too many people in here she went to get a cup of tea before taking a seat by one of the tables furthest away from the bar.

It had only been a week since she had been released from jail, only because they hadn't been able to get any ransom for her and therefore had no interest in keeping her any longer. Though she was happy to finally be free it hurt her to know that apparently her family weren't that interested in getting her back as she had thought.

She looked down into her teacup feeling complete and utterly lost. What were she going to do now? She couldn't go home, she still hadn't found a way to bring back her boyfriend and she didn't even have money enough to by some proper clothes. Thinking of all of these things she could feel her eyes welling up and though she tried hard not to cry, tears quietly started running down her cheeks.

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