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Summary: Once a disciple of Galathus Kelmoran, now a prisoner in Radogast's Dungeons.

Nimorra "Nim" Redleaf

Gender: Female

Age: 81

Group: Criminals

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Verden Elf


Nimorra is skilled with many forms of magic involving the anatomy and souls of humans, elves, dwarves, and such, including healing magic, blood magic, and necromancy. She also knows how to make protective wards and barriers. Nim has been held in Radogast Dungeons for over fifteen years and has been fed magic suppressant drugs the whole time, so she is seriously out of practice.


Nim was once in Galathus Kelmoran's inner circle of followers, and she was later the Founder and Grandmaster of the Cult of Kelmoran in Hartford. When her cult was nearly persecuted into oblivion by the Inquisition, Nim and a few of her faithful followers fled to Dalen and founded a cult in Radogast. Eventually, Nim got captured by Radogast authorities, and she helped Adisla capture and kill all her former colleages in return for life imprisonment over death. Nowadays, she is just "that prisoner" with the fancy cell.

Physical Appearance

Nim stands at about 5' 6" (1.7 meters) tall and weighs less than a hundred pounds (45 kg). Her muscles have atrophied quite a bit, and her skin is almost as pale as clean snow due to her living in a small cell for fifteen years.

She has black hair, emerald green eyes, and tatoos on her face.

Personality and interests

Nowadays, Nim has lost all hope for improvement of her condition, and she just tries to while away the pointless hours of her existance, looking back sadly on better times and wishing things had turned out differently.

She isn't really much of a fan of humans and ethnic mages and blames them for making the Two Kingdoms such a terrible place for elves.


Just after slavery was abolished in Verden, Nimorra's grandfather, Naldarel Redleaf, a recently freed slave, capitalized on the labor chaos by founding a staffing company that helped the newly freed slaves find work while helping the former slave owners find good employees. Through shrewd business sense, Naldarel was able to expand his company to all of the big cities in Verden, amassing a substantial fortune.

Nim's father, Ailith, was Naldarel's oldest son, and he was raised to take over Redleaf Enterprises, which had grown into a multi-national conglomerate. When Naldarel did eventually retire, Ailith took the reigns, and the company continued to prosper.

And so, Nimorra Redleaf was born into one of the wealthiest, non-noble families in Verden. She was the third daughter of Ailith and Risoria, their youngest child, and by far the most spoiled. Although she was treated like a princess by her parents, friends, and people who wanted to get on her father's good side, she was treated like dirt by humans who viewed elves as sub-human. At a young age, Nim came to dislike most humans, especially the pompous noble ones.

Her father hired the services of the best tutors money could buy to educate Nim and her siblings. Young and idealistic, Nim wanted to be a healer to make the world a better place. She had shown promise in magic use, and so she was taught the anatomy of the sentient races that inhabited and visited Verden, and she learned numerous healing spells that could use to fix various ailments.

After she finished her education, she got a job at a hospital her father had co-founded in the capital city of Verden. She liked her job well enough, although she hated that some of her collegues and patients looked down on her because of her elven heritage. She settled into a comfortable routine, and perhaps she would have lived a normal, uneventful life had fate not decided to suddenly deal her a bad hand.


Favourite food

Nim really misses some of the elven-style meals her family made.

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