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Summary: The Floodgates of Hell are opened, let's see what comes out.

Thierri Rowan

Gender: Male

Age: 394

Group: People of the Timber Crag Kingdom

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Timber Crag Kingdom




As the Prince of the Timber Crag Kingdom, he is responsible for watching his father and learning the ins and outs of the royal court and how to deal with diplomacy. When diplomacy fails, he leads his father's armies into battle, cruahing his foes under his paws or between his jaws. He is an excellent tactician and strategist, having never lost a major battle in his moves to extend the borders of his kingdom. He is also very capable with sword and shield combat, axe and shield combat, and archery. However, he prefers to use his bear form in combat to rip his enemies to shreds.


Heir to the throne of the Timber Crag Kingdom

Physical Appearance

In his human form, Thierri stands at 6'6" and has very broad shoulders. He has black hair that he keeps cut short and light blue eyes, almost crystal blue. He has no scars on his body, but his hands are still rough from years of using weapons and earning his keep. In his were form, he is a bipedal, black-furred bear that stands 12 feet tall with 7 inch claws on his hybrid paws. They are not fully humanoid, but they can grip objects more so than a true paw could. His feet turn into large paws however, his legs being similar in construction to this of a werewolf but much larger. His eyes stay their true color, a reminder to those he kills that he has complete control and it is not the beast within killing them.

Personality and interests

Thierri doesn’t speak often, but when he does, he bluntly says what's on his mind and usually comes off as tactless. He will apologize if he realizes that he has insulted someone, but he won't change his viewpoint. Thierri is confident of his own abilities and does not think anyone can defeat him, though he thoroughly enjoys being challenged. He hates baseless self-confidence, and has been known to walk away from challenges he receives from people that have no chance. However, if the issue is pressed, he will make it a point to absolutely crush their spirits rather than killing them outright, leaving them dead inside while still having to survive physically.


Thierri spent much of his childhood either in the sparring grounds of his castle fighting with his friends and the guards or in his father's court. He spent more time sparring, but he still made it a point to learn the inner workings of the court system. It would be his to rule in a few centuries when his father got tired of the responsibility and chose instead to spend the rest of his immortal life hunting. This lack of urgency has left Thierri in a sort of a pickle ever since his father was assassinated.

It was a late night and he had gone to sleep, leaving his father in the throne room with several diplomats from Dalen who had come to try and gain favor with the Werebear king. The Timber Crag armies had swept through their neighboring kingdoms, annexing their lands and drawing hefty taxes from the inhabitants. The next target of their expeditionary force would be the Queendom of Dalen, so diplomats had been sent to search for a peace treaty of sorts. The details were boring Thierri, for he would be the one to lead the charge and so he abhorred the idea of stopping it before it got started, do he was not in the room when his father was struck down by an assassin. The only people in the room were the diplomats, but they made their escape before anyone discovered the treachery.

Thierri was enraged, demanding all of their heads and ordering his now inherited armies to prepare for war, his mother was quick to calm him. Suggesting instead that he seek out the suspected murderers as she stayed to keep the kingdom in order, Thierri agreed and left for Dalen, his father's death at the forefront of his mind.

Favourite food

Sweet potatoes

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