-Ragodast, The Wastrel's Haunt, Late Evening, 3 DSTR-

Asealya smiled. "Well, I'd be more than happy to give you direction. I've been here quite some time, I get out a lot." She was going through her meal at a quick pace. Her mind rolled over her life now compared to that of the neighboring kingdom of Verden. In either place she couldn't find her way. A lost puppy. She poked around in the liquefied remnants in her bowl. A decent conversation with a decent man shouldn't be clouded by thoughts of bad times.
She silently pondered why he ignored the questioning of his origins but brushed it off after a moment. You didn't just saunter around Dalen throwing out your whole life story to the nearest stranger. However the compliment was nice. For the food of course.

Asealya let a smile cross her. "It was... rather difficult to make." The way the raw meat smelled.. looked... she had to hunt in the coming days. It was only necessary. "How's the ale? We really do try for quality," she mockingly jabbed at the chef who didn't make the best of meals, even on good days.
The Spiced Twister was a concoction of various spices including ginger, chili, cinnamon, and special herb Quinn grew at her home. Occasionally vanilla would be added just to even it out. Whenever Asealya made a batch she was sure to keep the spices from overpowering the alcohol but sometimes it slipped. Even then, with its bittersweet aftertaste, it was one of the best drinks in Ragodast, maybe even Dalen. And it was always best when she made it. It was her creation after all.

"I am a traveler from lands beyond the border." he had said.

Lands beyond. There were many of them. No Man's Land was a place very appealing to her nature and to her in general. The uncharted earth was always the most tempting when you'd been locked up in a kingdom for so long. Mohrjak would never allow it with all of the threats to Dalen at the moment. Something about the place kept him skeptical but who said he could choose? He might be part beast but he had no idea what its like to be split evenly in two-- even after transformation.

Her nose twitched suddenly as she admired the red glow Thierri gave off. Everyone who could change into something had a glow in the eyes of lycanthropes, but she had never seen one such a dark scarlet. Whatever he was and wherever he was from couldn't be placed. But she was tempted to find out.

"Is direction the only thing that you seek here? It is quite late."

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