Needs and Wants

-Ragodast, The Wastrel's Haunt, Late Evening, 3 DSTR-

Hearing her offer to give directions, Thierri looked up with a playful grin before speaking, "I don't require directions within the tavern. The restrooms are around back near the stables, the bedrooms are over to the left, with the cheapest being closest to the door. The upstairs has rooms of fair price with reasonable commodities, but the rear upstairs are the best. That is where a young elf is currently learning all the thrills that an experienced succubus has to offer." Grinning at her as his cheeks causes his eyes to crinkle slightly, he spoke quickly before any offense could be interpreted, "I need directions towards the capital of this Kingdom. I have some unfinished business with a certain unsavory citizen of the capital."

Taking several bites as she spoke of her difficulties in making the meal, he leveled his gaze with hers for a second, breathing in her scent subtly. She seemed testy and hungry, despite the large amount of stew she had just devoured. Smirking slightly as she spoke of the ale, he swallowed the bite of stew within his mouth and took a slow sip of the ale. Humming appreciatively as it eased its way down his throat, he took a longer swallow next. Letting out another hum that mixed with a rumbling growl, he nodded slightly before speaking, "I take that back. The stew was wonderful, but my true compliments go to the brewer. The taste is magnificent, with a nice punch of alcohol to remind you of what you are drinking." Taking an even longer swallow, Thierri chuckled softly after swallowing. Moving back to the stew with a ravenous hunger, he felt like he needes to see bloodshed, be it murder or a hunt, he did not care. Finishing the bowl of stew, he looked over the rim of the tankard at her as he drank more of the ale.

Sighing contentedly as he brought the tankard back down, he noticed her eyes on him and a slight twitch of her nose. Smiling as she spoke, he leaned back in thd chair and set the empty tankard down before speaking, "My immediate need would be another tankard of ale and directions to the higher levels of the capital. I do not require sleep for several days, but you have intrigued me, Asealya. You are young and hungry, and a hunt would be just the right distraction before I go on my way. Would you be interested?"

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