A Little Excitement

-Radogast, The Wastrel's Haunt, Late Evening, 3 DSTR-

Thierri pushed the right door open before stepping through. Keeping his hand on the door as it closed itself, he guided the door closed so that it did not slam against the door frame. Looking around the tavern, he had to keep himself from recouping at the scent of the various customers around him. Seeing a table full of goblins and a particularly drunk man, Thierri let out a short growl of annoyance. Goblins were treated quite poorly in his Kingdom, viewed as lying and deceitful, qualities that earned nothing but a quick death. A society based on owning up to your mistakes and earning your keep had no room for creatures that weaseled their way through life off the gracious deeds of others. If you could not earn your life, you did not keep it.

Frowning in disgust as he turned to look away from the table, he scanned the other patrons. Seeing a man with his face buried in his food, Thierri narrowed his eyes and continued scanning the room. There were many people of the working class I'm the tavern, a people who were well-respected and valued. Everything hinged off the strength and skills of those of the working class. Without the hand holding the hammer or the fingers guiding the needle and thread, nothing could happen. Society and growth would come to a screeching halt if everything was left to the unskilled trash and the overimportant aristocracy. Shaking his head, his eyes continued their path until they landed on a young woman approaching him with a slight air of nervousness. Watching her as she approached him, he could smell her fear and apprehension, but they did not seem directed at him. No, they seemed to mingle with a smell of disgust and primal urges that emanated from the goblin table.

Shooting a quick glare towards the trash, he felt his lip snarl up slightly before he turned his eyes back to the serving girl. Hearing her introduce herself as Abbey before directing him to a collection of tables, he thanked her before making his way to the tables. Placing his bag in one of the chairs, he laid his round shield over it before sitting down in the chair beside it. He was careful to keep scabbard free from tangle and his sword easy to draw as he positioned himself with a view over most of the patrons. Only a few patrons who were sitting at the far end of the bar or a couple of tables behind him escaped his view, but he had assessed them when he took his seat. Many of them were either passed out, totally engrossed in their drinks, or off in their own world of past regrets and future aspirations. Taking a look over at the goblins, he narrowed his eyes as he saw the man grab at Abbey. Tightsning his fists, he was preparing to challenge ths man to a duel when another tavern worker intervened. Feeling his eyebrows rise on his forehead as he watched her back the man down, he chuckled softly and watched the ordeal. He had no business stepping in to begin with -- if Abbey couldn't defend herself, she would simply be taken advantage of. If she could use that opportunity to better herself so it never happened again, she would be stronger. If not, then she would no longer be a poison.

Looking down at the grains of wood in the table, he had turned his attention from the scuffle until he heard a throaty growl from across the tavern. Looking up through his brows, he could not help but smirk slightly when he saw the beginnings of her transformation. Looking down to the table again, he clamped down on his own urges to join her in eradicating the swine. Running his thumbnail along a particularly well preserved grain, he glanced up when the goblins took off out of the tavern with their figurative tails tucked between their legs. Pushing back from the table slightly as the girl approached the man, he smirked slightly before the sight of the Minotaur drew his eyes. Feeling his eyebrows rise up as he looked the man over, he hummed softly before turning his attention back to the table.

Thierri maintained a watchful eye on the two as the woman so clearly wanted to chase the swine down and end their wretched lives. He would not object to watching that, a spectacle of violence brought on because of the misdeeds of one towards the other. Chuckling softly as the Minot air berated the woman, he kept the sound nearly inaudible, not wishing to come off as rude. It was more of a slight smirk with a single humored breath than a true chuckle. Drawing his attention away from the duo, he examined the palms of his hands. Running the pads of his fibgers over thick calluses that decorated the high points of his hands, he almost missed the woman as she came towards him. Glancing up to see her approach his table with a welcoming smile, he returned a small smile and nod before replying, "No need to apologize, it was clearly not by your design. As far as what I would like, I would enjoy a mug of ale and a bowl of beef stew. If neither are available, please tell me the alternatives."

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