Finally Getting a Move On

-The Bramble Wood,
Very Near Jocelynn's Inn,
Early Morning, 1 DSTR-

Ceriden smirked at Ponce's theatrics, rather enjoying the energy of his new companion. Ceriden liked Gareth's company, but the vampire could be quite a negative-nancy some of... most of the time. Having someone around who was more upbeat could be a nice change of pace.

After plucking the offered map from Ponce's grasp, Ceriden unrolled the parchment, rotated it so that the drawn compass pointed north, and glanced up at the sky to see which direction the beams of light coming from the morning sun were coming from. He then examined the map until he found the destination point mark on it. As he continued to look at the map, the words of the creature in his dream echoed in his mind.

"If you want the answers you seek, travel northwest to the place you people call the Mithilnir Deepwoods, within the Skeldergate Forest. There, you will hear my call. Follow it as you did tonight, and you will find me, then all will be revealed to you."

Ceriden looked again at the sky, then back at the map. Northwest it is then.

"Thank you Ponce," Ceriden said as he rolled up the map and placed it into Sabina's bag. To both Gareth and Ponce, Ceriden stated, "I believe we are ready to go. We shall head Northwest toward the Skeldergate Forest. Erik will scout the path ahead of us, while the three thralls follow us from a safe distance away.

Looking at Erik's silhouette-like form, Ceriden said, "Lead on, friend, we're right behind you."

Erik remained in place for a few moments before Ceriden heard in his mind, "Sorry boss, did you say samething? I can sense your presence, temperment, and thoughts, but I don't have visual nor auditory receptors, so I can't exactly hear any commands you say outloud, nor can I read your lips."

Ceriden sighed, "I did not realize that, sorry Erik. Okay, so we are heading northwest, and I would like you to scout ahead of us like you did yesterday."

"Gotcha boss." Erik floated away into the forest ahead of the group with startling speed.

"Alright friends," Ceriden murmured, "let us get a move on. We have a lot of ground to cover..."

(OOC - I don't think I left you guys much of a prompt, sorry. It's late here, some I'm going to post what I've got. We can either continue the narrative from here, or do a brief time jump to the afternoon.)

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