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Summary: A young Mage with the worst kind of anger problem.

Ponce de Gezzadro

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: Criminals

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Verdish Soldier


Mage, born into the wrong profession.


Verdish Soldier.

After a few years of dabbling in the magic arts, Ponce has gained the ability to use a Ward spell almost efficiently.

As a soldier, one must know their sword like they know the backside of thier own hand. While Ponce is no swashbuckler, he could hold his own in a sword fight.


Holds the rank of Corporal in the Verdish Army.

Physical Appearance

Ponce stands at 6 feet, though his build is somewhat ungracefully lanky. His hair is has an unusually green tint to it, hair which is cut short, with a small pony tail at the back. His eyes are a mix between green and hazel, and under them, across the bridge of his nose, an old scar reminds him that some people don't like defiance. He also wears a pair of earrings, their significe accredited to some religion or other. Sports the blues, blacks and whites of your average Verden soldier.

Personality and interests

One thing has become painfully clear, Ponce hates Verden, especially its army. His childhood was near traumatizing, as he was forced to suppress the magic running through his blood, but it's whimsical embrace would soon find him.

He finds magic of all types absolutely fascinating. He would sometimes walk to a Daleish city to watch the circus, which featured use of mind blowing magic. But the anti-magic ways of the Verdish Army drove Ponce even farther away than he already was, and now, every patrol he thinks about running away.

Ponce, as his name might suggest, isn't exactly Verdish. The slight foreign twinge of his accent shows it.


Ponce was always an adventurous boy. His father was always disappointed in his sons lack of commitment to the army. He was going to be a soldier, whatever poison the witch he had called his mother had planted within him would simply have to be overwritten. If only it were so easy.

Ponce wasn't offered a choice. He couldn't have been a scholar, he didn't have the chance to become a merchant. He was a fighter, like his father was. When he asked why he couldn't be like his mother, his father told him his mother was dead, and then claimed that if he wanted to be like his mother so much, it could be arranged. Ponce decided to shut his mouth.

In another occurrence, Ponce decided that he was fed up with being told what to do. He talked back to his father, and now, the scar over his nose reminds him to never talk back to a superior.

Two months after his 14th birthday, Ponce learned that he was a mage, and since that day he was hooked on magic. His father didn't approve.

When he reached the age of 18, his father contracted an illness and died. One might think this meant he was free from the military cage his father had trapped him in, but by now, the cage was locked and the key was thrown away. After this, Ponce decided he needed to escape. But he wanted his trail covered. He had yet to find an airtight way out, but perhaps that would soon change.

Favourite food

Honey glazed salmon. Salmon period is almost as good.

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