A strange scent

---- Skeldergate Forest, Very Near Mutual Border. Early Morning, 3 DSTR ----

The forest was still covered in darkness at the time Gareth started to wakeup. For a moment or two before really moving he listened. It was quiet which meant his companions were proably still asleep. Everything seemed to be perfect for what he had in mind.

Since having had some time to study their map yesterday Gareth had an idea of which direction he were going to start his search. He needed to find out whether or not he and his family ever had lived in this forest or if it had all just been his imagination. It wasn't going to be easy since he could hardly remember anything about his family, but he needed to give it a try.

Quietly he snuck out of the tent, but then suddenly stopped when he noticed Ponce. This was completely unexpected and at first he didn't quite know how to react. "Uh... Hey. Having troubles sleeping too, huh?" he tried asking in a friendly tone while at the same time creating a cover-up of his own intentions.

He was about to continue with some more small talk, but then a faint scent suddenly caught his attention. It was a strange mixture of both man and beast, nothing like anything he'd ever scented before. Standing completely still he searched through the surrounding trees and shrubs, having absolutely no problem seeing through the darkness. There was nothing to see or hear, at least not something out of the ordinary, but the strange scent had to come from something.

With his eyes still directed towards the forest he spoke in a low voice "I think there's something or someone coming this way...". Having said this he quickly but quietly rushed to Ceridens tent. He placed a hand on his shoulder and started shaking him sligthly "Ceriden. Ceriden, wake up. I think someone's found us.".

Without waiting for Ceriden to wake up completely Gareth quickly went back outside, hoping to somehow spot whatever it was before it came too close. He felt a mixture of fear and excitement rush through him, making his body tense up, trying to prepare himself for whatever this might be.

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