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Summary: I'm gonna get ya!

Dietrich Schwartz

Gender: Male

Age: 78

Group: People of the Timber Crag Kingdom

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Timber Crag Kingdom




As a special operations scout, Dietrich is sent ahead of the main invasion force with a small unit to recon the opposing forces and the territory the first fights would be in. They are also meant to seize any main bridges or other defensible landmarks that could be used to hold off the main attack. Operating without a direct line of supply or reinforcements, Dietrich and his team must be able to succeed in their missions using only themselves and any resources they can gather.



Physical Appearance

Dietrich possesses an athletic build and stands at 6'3" in his human form and 10'9" in his bear form. He has short, curly hair that is a dark brown in color. His eyes are a bright green, hinting at his youth and thirst for knowledge. These colors follow him through his transformation, his body covered with dark brown fur.

Personality and interests

Dietrich is confident in his skills and very light-hearted. He is quite intelligent, finding ways to sneak up on even the most observent quarry, yet he retains a boyish goofiness about him that can cause him to miss the more subtle humor or sarcasm in conversations.


Born and raised to be in the Timber Crag military, Dietrich spent every day of his childhood refining different aspects of warfare. By the time he was five years old, he could camoflauge himself to the point where not even his scent could be detected in a favorable wind. Not long after, he had mastered the art of moving as silently as possible. Becoming able to sneak up right behind a deer and take its life with his bare hands. With stealth and concealment mastered, he moved on to training for instances where either of those are not available.
By the time he was 32, he had been on successful scouting missions on every flank of the kingdom, assisting in the conquering of new lands and thr mapping of those around them. At this point, he was invited into the special operations unit that he is in now as a scout for them. At first, he would simply scout out the operating area and then return back with information, but within a few years, he had graduated from that and into actually being a member of the team that went om the operations. That path has led him to today, where he is infiltrating the Verden/Dalen Skeldergate Forest to access a westward front from which they can attack Dalen.

Favourite food


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Image of Dietrich Schwartz
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