Stage One

-Skeldergate Forest, along the mutual border. Early A.M., 3 DSTR-

[Ooc- I am thinking we could do a slight time jump for Gareth, Ponce, and Ceriden so I can involve them in the TCK plot]

The rapid chirping of the cicadas served to set the pace for Dietrich's squad. Moving rapidly through the forest, they were careful to make their footfalls light and barely noticeable. Dietrich saw the point man motion for the squad to halt before he moved forward through the party to stand beside the point man. Looking out into the darkness, his eyes picked up nearly every detail of the surrounding landscape. Looking out through the trees, his nose alerted him to their presence before his eyes did. Feeling the wind shift slightly upon his beard, he could not help but grin when he scented two humans and a vampire hybrid of some sort. He could not identify the other part, the vampiric scent was too strong and overpowering.

Nodding slowly, he patted the man on the shoulder before before speaking, "Good job Schaefer. Keep that nose of yours working like this and you might just take my job." Chuckling softly as he knew that showing true merit was the way to advance, he looked forward through the trees and started thinking up a plan to keep him in his rightful position of squad leader. Looking to Schaefer and the ten other men with them, he called them to a semi circle around him before speaking, "We will split up into two teams and come at them from the northeast and west. Schaefer, take five men and come from the west. I will take the remaining five and meet you in the middle of their camp. Now, each team will wait for a signal to show that the other team is in position. Three short whistles will be the question. A response of yes will be two short whistles and no is a single whistle. Do not take forever between whistles when signaling yes or questioning."

Looking to the men around him, he saw a few readying their axes and swords. Chuckling as he raised his left hand to waist height and extended towards a couple, he spoke quickly, "Stay your hands, comradea. This is information obtainment, not death. We will only act with deadly force if deadly force is initiated towards us and we cannot subdue them non-fatally. Got it?" Seeing the men grin before lifting their hands, Dietrich laughed slightly as he separated the men into their teams. Waving farewell to the others, he started towards the east with his team. It did not take long for them to move through the forest and reach their jump-off position so he waited a full count of 30 before letting out his three whistles. He was not held waiting for very long before he received a set of two whistles. Smiling, he started forward through the trees with his team close behind, their eyes resting on the pitched tents of the trio.

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