The Great Escape

-Cragnook Cave, Forest area south of Rogast. Morning, 3 DSTR-

The cave was dark, when Bushbug woke from a painful slumber. The spells used today had sent a stinging pain down his spine, but the pain seems to have worn off. What he didn't realize, was that his body was pushing against the cage. It seems as though he has enlarged. He gazed around, trying to think of how to break the cage. He looked towards Weezie for him to give him some sort of plan.

Weezie had watched Bushbug grow, the bear was a third larger than before. He noticed Bushbug trying to get his attention, and he turned towards him.
"Stupid weasel, over here!" Shouted Bushbug.
"I'm not stupid, your just unconfident in your stupidity, and don't shout. They will hear us. What do you want?" Replied Weezie.
"I have the chance to get out, should I shake the cage to break it?" Asked Bushbug, since he wasn't sure what the best way to crack the cage was.
"Flex your muscles." Answered Weezie.
"OK then weasel, here I go."

Bushbug stretched his paws, and bulged his muscles. The cage started cracking, and soon the top popped off. A few chunks of metal shattered from the bars, and struck the many surfaces. It struck three cages, and broke them open. A dwarf caiman crawled out of the first cage, and he clapped his jaws in joy. The second cage fell to the ground, and the furry badger slowly climbed out. The final cage was sealed shut, but the metal shot a hole through it. Four mice wandered out, bickering and arguing about god knows what.
The seven animals gathered around the weasel's cage, and Bushbug tore it apart. The weasel slowly hobbled out, and looked around.
"How do we get out of here?" Asked the Dwarf Caiman, as she tilted her head in confusion.
"That way!" Argued the four mice towards eachother, as they each pointed in a different direction.
"Enough!" Declared Sandet. "We head through the largest tunnel."
"Let's listen to this leader." Declared Bushbug.
"Why does she get to be leader?" Asked Weezie.
"Just shut it, I'm surprised someone hasn't thrown you over a ledge." Declared Bushbug.
The statement silenced Weezie, and the group followed Sandet. After blindly stumbling down the sparsely lit tunnel path, they notices a glowing light. The group headed towards the light, hoping it was salvation.
And it was.
However, this was the one place they didn't want to end up. The group of necromancers sat around the table, merrily talking and taunting a small rabbit on the table.
"Everyone on my back." Whispered Bushbug.
The smaller animals scrambled up the large bears leg, and clasped their paws and feet onto it's back. He slowly lurked through the shadows, sneaking towards the exit. He was on the opposite side of the cave from the necromancers. They would have escaped, if it wasn't for the necromancer that re-entered the cave. He gazed at the bear, and shouted. The other necromancers heard, and waved their hands to begin their spellcasting. Before the first necromancer could raise his arm, Bushbug paw slammed down on his skull, and the blood spattered across the floor. Turning back to the exit, he dashed out into the vast and long forgotten world he was captured from. He ran as hard as he can, and the rest of the group held on for dear life. After a minute or two of running, he laid on the ground and the other animals climbed off.
They sat huddled together, unsure of what to do. Maybe they should find their old homes, or travel to new lands. No, destiny has a greater calling. To find the first escapee, the squirrel, that they had only heard rumors of. That has a magic tied to him, so strong, it can slay the necromancers. Yet it is hidden to him, and unless he doesn't discover it, the remaining animals may never escape. The necromancers will grow strong, and the squirrel must as well. So north they head, slowly following a faint scent of the magical squirrel, who is so strong, yet so far.

(OOC- I am just introducing this storyline, and it will be a while until they find the squirrel. So I am going to leave it silent, minus a few visits to check how their journey is doing.)

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