Traveler's Rest

-Ragodast, The Wastrel's Haunt, Late Evening, 3 DSTR-

Thierri chuckled and offered a half-smile before speaking, "Well, isn't it quite fortunate that I wound up here? I could not have bore the thought of having the second best ale in Ragodast when the best was only a few minutes away." Shaking his head when she asked about any special instructions for the meal, he smirked back at her as she slipped the booklet into her back pocket and spoke, "It seems my fortune is turning. First I happen across the best ale. And now, the cold hostess has shaken her ways to offer a stranger with something to leave a fair taste in his mouth when he thinks of his time in Ragodast." Chuckling softly as she strode back towards the kitchen, he allowed his eyes to linger over her frame for a mere second before averting his eyes. She had the build of a fighter and the scent of a lycanthrope. She could be the entertainment he desired during his short stay in the town until he obtained directions inward.

After she had left his sight, Thierri occupied his time by observing the patrons around him. Seeing a man stumbling in circles around a chair, Thierri rested his chin in his hand and observed his movements. Every few seconds, the man would make a fruitless grab towards the back of the chair and begin the motions of sitting down, only to fall backwards and catch himself from hitting the ground. Shaking his head in disgust at the man, he turned his attention elsewhere. Seeing a couple sitting up at the bar, their eyes locked with each other as the man spoke intently with his back to Thierri, he watched the woman's reactions. Her skin took on a pale shade and her eyes grew suddenly wider. She tried to pull her hands back from the man, but his hands had become vise grips and were not allowing her any leeway. Thierri watched as her eyes began to dart around, ignoring what the man had to say as she looked for something to aid her escape from his grasp and whatever it was that he was saying.

Their eyes met for a few seconds, hers and Thierri's, before she jerked her attention back towards the man. He was pulling her hands towards his groin and she was resisting his urges. He began to pull harder, the muscles in his arms showing the proof of the effort he was putting into it. She gave into his wishes. But, not exactly as he was expecting. She pushed her hands down forcefully, using her strength and his own to cause her fists to collide with his groin. His grunt of pain was all that was heard before he fell backward from his stool, his head smacking the one beside him on the way down to the ground. The woman pulled herself from her stool and looked down at the man, spitting in his face before hissing, "He was my father, you bastard. And you killed him like a pig." Stomping on his groing with her heel a few times to a chorus of strangled groans, she spat upon his face again before making her way towards the door. Watching her as she passed him and left the building, Thierri offered her a smile and a small applause as she left.

Looking to the man on the ground, Thierri chuckled softly before looking up in the direction that the waitress had went. Smelling the unmistakable scent of cooking beef and a delicious stew, he grinned slightly as he realized how hungry he was. Looking down at his tunic where it sat over his brigandine to disguise his allegiances, he nodded slowly as he checked his ensemble. He would not allow any of his belongings to go missing. He knew what he had and where it was supposed to be within his bag and on his person. Looking up as he heard the door to the kitchen open, he set his bag back in thr chair beside him before looking up to her as she approached him.

He had no time to give his permission for her to sit before she simply plopped down in the seat across from him at the table. Gesturing towards the chair with his palm up, he said, "I see no issue. Thank you for making this meal, I dont know when you stop making meals, but I appreciste it." Hearing her question of his origins, he leveled his gaze with hers and brought a spoonful of stew to his lips. Taking a bite, he chewed slightly before swallowing, his next words coming out with a smile, "That is very tender, my compliments to the chef." Looking down at his bowl to mix it slightly as she introduced herself, he looked back up and took her hand in his, giving it a steady hand shake before speaking, "Thierri. And your senses are correct. I am a traveller from lands beyond the border, but I seek direction within."

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