Image of Sheriff Raine Lithermoore (NPC)

Summary: A worn out sheriff with a psycho for a boss and a serious drinking problem.

Sheriff Raine Lithermoore (NPC)

Gender: Male

Age: 49

Group: Nobles of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Dalen, Sheriff of Rago dastardly and the surrounding area.




Sheriff of Ragodast



Physical Appearance

Stands at five feet and 11 inches, his face is permanently scarred by age, and his hairs are already turning grey. His has already begun to take it's toll on the man. Let's just say that he's surrounded by young mercaneries to do his work for him for a reason.

Personality and interests

Lithermoore has a very stressful job as the sheriff of Ragodast. Dalen is known to be lawless, and the city is no exception. With a complete psycho for a boss and limited resources, the sheriff is almost constantly between a rock and a hard place. He has turned to alcohol more than once to "ease" his pain, but it never lasts long enough.

While he may be a drunk, there is a bit of wisdom behind those clouded eyes of his. Lithermoore prefers quality over numbers (partially because he has too), and seems more keen to depend on a trusted mercanery of his rather than the town guard.


Born to a noble family, Raine Lithermoore couldn't say he's known pain for much of his early life. He was pampered, his mother cared for him constantly while his father worked. His father was the chief commander of Ragodast's guard, and a good one at that. Raine was forced into law by his parents, though because of his laziness, he ended up a sheriff rather than a commander. Adisla Styliane holds the position his father once had.

Favourite food

Does rum count?

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Image of Sheriff Raine Lithermoore (NPC)
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