Visitors Unwelcome

-Ragodast, 0 DSTR-

The wood of Adisla's chair creaked gently as she placed her feet on the surface of her desk. Tilting the chair back to the two back legs, she joined her hands over her stomach, lacing her fingers and letting her head lean back with a drowsy sigh. A smile of contentment spread over her lips as she felt her right hip pop gently with the new angle it was placed in. Her armor was placed on its mannequin off to the side and she was dressed in a simple forest green gambeson with a mail hauberk over top of it. Her ever-present halberd was leaning against the desk right beside her right leg, within reach but out of mind as her eyes drifted closed. It had been a few days since she had been able to go home and take Kimiko within her arms.

Smiling as she thought of her foreign lover, her thoughts were distracted by a series of sharp raps on her door. Sitting up with a growl, she readjusted her trousers after lowering the chair back down to the proper position. Running her right hand through her hair, she rested the heel of her palm on her temple before calling out, "You may enter!!" Seeing the door swung open almost immediately, her annoyance dissolved as she looked into the eyes of her superior officer. Standing quickly, she paid no mind to her chair as it clattered backwards behind her and fell to the ground. Bringing her fist up to her chest, she gave a quick salute before her superior waved it off. Lowering her hand back down she spoke in a soft tone, "Baron Oldfield, I wasn't expecting you. I wish I could have known so that I could have prepared a feast for you."

Sucking at his teeth, Oldfield shook his head and brought a well-manicured hand up to look at his nails. Shaking his head, he rubbed his palms together before speaking, "Oh yes, I'm sure you would have loved a heads up, Commander. But, I wanted to catch you with your pants down, so to say. Now, I've heard that you have now lost five fugitives within the last few days. That is worrisome, Commander. Have you anything to say in your defense?"

Adisla swallowed thickly and allowed her eyes to dart down towards her desk before speaking, "Baron, I admit that I have lost track of a trio of fugitives, but the other two you speak of were lost by Sheriff Lithermoore. I wish to punish the man for his ineptitude, which I strongly believe was brought on by his heavy consumption of alcohol. When he reported to me that he had lost them, he still stank of liquor. As far as my failure, I have started a search and retrieve mission with several other garrisons collaborating with me. I just recently received word from a runner that they have located the rough vicinity of the female fugitive, and so we will be apprehending her shortly. In the meantime, I invite you to view my punishment of the Sheriff."

Oldfield nodded slowly before speaking, "I will make myself present at the execution, but first I require my room readied and food before me. I understand the short notice, so this first meal need not wait long in the interest of being something fabulous. However, tonight I expect an extravagant meal, as well as tomorrow prior to the execution."

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