Moving Foreward

*The Border Forest, nearish to Radogast, Late Afternoon, 0 DSTR*

"I don't like slavers.. in fact, they might be some of the few that I actually hate. People who kidnap, make you their property and beat you until you no longer dare to try and escape. Then they sell you to someone who continues to beat you until you no longer even dare to speak your mind or show your feelings. Until you become nothing more than another part of their property, no worthier than a simple guard dog... That’s about it I think."

Ceriden remained silent for a few moments, letting Gareth's words sink in while they trudged onward aimlessly. Eventually, the mage replied, "I've never really understood my countrymen's, or, well, former countrymen's, obsession with enabling those scumbags. The foolish powers that be claim the slave trade benefits the economy, but is a little bit more money really worth the damage we do to our souls? I suspect the wealthy of Dalen are too afraid to adjust their extravagant lifestyles to consider building a society were people like you don't have to suffer for their comfort. Together, maybe we can change this, but for now, let us just try to survive." Ceriden smiled, "Baby steps. We have to start somewhere."

They continued on in silence for awhile longer, when suddenly Ceriden felt a thought in his mind that caused him to roll his eyes, "Your girlfriend is safe from that angry idiot, though she seems to have buggered off. You want me to try to find her?"

"No, that will be fine," Ceriden replied to his wraith telepathically. "Please resume scouting ahead of us so we can get some idea of where we are going."

"I'm on it, boss. I'll let you know if I see, er, detect anything."

"Thanks..." Ceriden could feel the wraith break off the link as it hopefully went to do what it said it would do.

After a few more moments of silence, Ceriden was able to recollect his thoughts after the wraith's intrusion. "Nice job speaking your mind, Gareth. I know it's hard for you, but now that you are no longer enslaved, there are a lot of habits and psychological barriers we to break in order for you to be emotionally free as well. I believe we can get there if you want to get there."


Erik got away from the large beast and its meal as quickly as he could, for he didn't want his presence to affect any of the creature's decisions. He doubled back to where he had left the woman and her horse, only to find that they were long gone. He reported this to his master, who then ordered Erik to scout ahead of them.

It took Erik a few minutes to relocate his master and his vampire companion, and it took Erik another minute to get ahead of them to resume scouting. More time went by, with Erik detecting nothing more noteworthy than a few harmless animals, until...

That's interesting. As Erik continued along his zig-zag arc, he sensed a group of sentients a distance away. As he approached their essences, he noticed that they were inside some kind of man-made structure. Who builds a building out here in the middle of the woods? Curious, Erik moved as close as he dared in an attempt to figure out who these people were...

<Tag - Gareth, and optionally, Jocelynn>

(OOC - The people Erik detected are Jocelynn, her employees, and maybe some of her customers. LSP, you can have Jocelynn detect, or a least sense, Erik if you wish, but I'm not going to expect a post from Jocelynn at this time.

SilverCloud, I wanted to give Gareth a chance to speak before I moved the action forward, but if Gareth doesn't have anything to say, you don't have to write a long, elaborate post.)

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